McHenry VFW
McHenry, Illinois

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McHenry VFW Post #4600
3002 West Route 120
McHenry Illinois 60051
The Military Order of the Cooties
"The Honor Degree of the VFW"

Honor, Loyalty,
Perseverance and Industry


Keep em Smilin'
in Beds of White

Closer than a Brother,
Busier than a Bee

Increase and Multiply
The Military Order of the Cootie is an organization within an
organization as part of the VFW.  Becoming a Cootie is a distinction
reserved for active members and officers of the VFW, and those who
have demonstrated leadership.  

Some of our programs and those we support include:
  • VFW National Home for Children
  • Hospitalized Veterans Worldwide
  • VFW Membership Recruitment
  • Christie Braun Scholarship Fund
  • VFW Fundraising

The prime directive of the MOC is to have fun.  It is the Preamble of
our Supreme By-Laws. Our hat, our uniform, even our name is
designed to bring a smile.  As our hero The Great Blue Louse
instructs us, "A smile is the one thing that you can give that you will
always get back!" We strive to bring humor to our efforts, to our
fellow Veterans and those less fortunate than us.

Our distinctive red hat is the badge of honor to those committed to
the values of the VFW and the extra effort of being a Comrade
"Closer than a Brother, Busier than a Bee".  

If you would like more information, please contact us at: